KOÇ-KAM Gender Studies Center


KOÇ-KAM Research Awards, 2011

In 2011, 10 research projects were awarded amounting to 419.000 TL in total.

Project Title



Nursing School Students' Attitudes about Gender Roles in Turkey

Fatma Başar


Marmara University, Ph.D. Candidate

To investigate the factors affecting nursing school students’ attitudes on traditional gender roles



Gender in Irregular Migration: A Comparison of International Migration Policies and Migrants' Experiences in Turkey and Morocco

Ayşen E. Üstübici


Koç University, Ph.D. Candidate

To explore the implementation of immigration laws and gendered experiences of transit / irregular migrants' in Turkey and Morocco situated at the periphery of Europe

Through the Eyes of the Victimized Children


Pınar Akkuş


İstanbul University, Ph.D. Candidate

To assess services provided by the Social Services and the Children’s Protection Institution of Turkey (SHÇEK) to sexually abused girls under protection by this institution

The Construction of Femininity and Masculinity in Friday Sermons

Asst. Prof. Hande Eslen Ziya


Bahçeşehir University

To analyze the contents of the mosque sermons given on Fridays and their role in the transformation of gender roles


Religion and Gender Equality in Turkey

Prof. Serpil Sancar


Ankara University

To understand how religious services given by state institutions to Sunni citizens in Turkey interpret equal rights between men and women and approach gender equality


Invisible Labor

Asst. Prof. Feryal Saygılıgil


İstanbul Arel University

To investigate women’s perceptions of household labor and factors that affect their perceptions


Women Delinquency and Femininity in Prison in Turkey

Assoc. Prof.

İpek Merçil


Galatasaray University

To review general factors leading to women’s imprisonment in Turkey and the conditions of women’s prisons


Key Success Factors for Women Entrepreneurs in Comparison to Their Male Counterparts


Prof. Hayat Kabasakal


Boğaziçi University

To gain insights about the key success factors in entrepreneurial careers, comparing the factors for women with those of men

Gender and War in First World War in the Ottoman Empire

Zeynep Kutluata


Sabancı University, Ph.D. Candidate

To investigate Muslim Ottoman women’s forms of involvement and experiences in the First World War

Universality and Cultural Relativity Discourse in Criminal Proceedings Related to Cases of Violence Against Migrant Women: The Case of Germany

Sevinç Eryılmaz


İstanbul Bilgi University, Ph.D. Candidate

To examine the criminal proceedings processes of cases of domestic violence against migrant Turkish women and/or the issue of honor crimes in Germany