KOÇ-KAM Gender Studies Center


KOÇ-KAM Research Awards, 2013

The second round of KOÇ-KAM Research Awards was implemented in 2013. 6 research projects were awarded amounting to 242.000 TL in total.

Project Title



“Marginal” and “Partner in crime” Masculinity: Murderer Husbands and Middle-Class Men are speaking from the Black Sea region!


Yasemin Yüce Tar


19 Mayıs University


To explore the mentalities and masculinity productions at the basis of women’s murders by their husbands through interviews with imprisoned “murderer husbands” and 30-50 years old married, professional middle class men in the Black Sea Region of Turkey

The Experience of Women Workers in the Early Periods of Labor Migration From Turkey To Germany

Assoc. Prof.

Ayfer Suna Bartu Candan


Boğaziçi University


To examine the working conditions and migration experiences of the early migrant women workers from Turkey to German (1961-1973) and the cultural and structural factors that shape these experiences

Analysis of Sport and Physical Activity Experiences of Three Generations of

Women (Daughters, Mothers and Grandmothers) with Regard To Socio-Ecological Model and

Cultural Feminist Studies Approach

Assoc. Prof.

Canan Koca Arıtan


Hacettepe University

To analyze the sports and physical activity experiences of three generations of women (daughters, mothers and grandmothers) with regard to the socio-ecological model and the cultural feminist studies approach

Vaginismus: Embodiment of Modernity and Negotiations with

Biomedical Authority in Turkey

Neslihan Şen


University of Illinois at Chicago, Ph.D. Candidate


To understand the complex relationship between sexuality, women’s bodies and political processes in Turkey through an exploration of vaginismus, a common female sexual disorder in Turkey

The Analysis of Decision-Making Processes of Judges and Prosecutors in Sexual Assault Cases with regard to the Phenomenon of Evidence

Özlem Çolak


İstanbul University, Ph.D. Candidate


To analyze the legal mechanisms of dealing with crimes against sexual inviolability from the perspective of feminist legal theory; to investigate how evidence in sexual violence cases are interpreted by judges and prosecutors

Predictors of Attitudes Towards Women

Asst. Prof.

Aslı Bugay


TED University


To explore university students’ attitudes towards women in the framework of the Gender Schema Theory.