KOÇ-KAM Gender Studies Center



As KOÇ-KAM members we believe that gender is relevant to any academic research and is not a particular, disconnected study area. That is how we have come together as faculty members and researchers from across disciplines due to our shared acknowledgment of the relevance of gender issues in any academic area and our belief that gender inequality shapes women and men’s everyday lives and their  relations to the society, law and politics.

We have devised our Gender Studies Certificate Program to be of interest and more importantly of use to students from various disciplines so that they have a firm understanding and grasp of gender-related issues that cut across all disciplines, structure our lives as well fellow human beings and citizens, and structure our societies on gender-based norms, roles and forms of decision-making. A good grasp of the historical, philosophical, sociological and psychological underpinnings of gender norms and relations gives one the conceptual and empirical tools to challenge oppression, discrimination and inequality based on gender and to transform our surroundings and societies.

KOÇ-KAM’s affiliated faculty and researchers came together with a common interest to foster debate and create awareness of gender issues in Turkey and elsewhere as well as to collaborate on their gender-related research which becomes only stronger when an interdisciplinary and multi-methodological perspective is endorsed. We have a firm belief in the necessity of using a gender lens in any research and we acknowledge the interdependence between academic scholarship, social practice and gender-policy. 

Our research interests include

  • Family, gender, self and human development, 
  • Women’s human rights,
  • Gender equality, law and politics,
  • Feminism, feminist theory and philosophy,
  • Gender in the visual arts,
  • Women’s health, body politics, care,
  • Women’s movements, participation and democracy.

Please see “People” for more information on the individual research of scholars associated with KOÇ-KAM.