The Center for Gender Studies at Koc University (KOÇ-KAM) is established as an interdisciplinary hub for gender research and gender studies in March 2010. KOÇ-KAM brings faculty and researchers from multiple disciplines such as sociology, social psychology, history, law, nursing, philosophy and political science together in order to share their research, conduct collaborative national and international projects and undertake various academic and training activities within and outside the university on issues pertaining to women and gender. As a hub for gender studies, KOC-KAM also holds a competitive funding program to support outstanding academic research projects on gender issues and runs the Gender Studies Certificate Program at Koç University. KOÇ-KAM frequently organizes conferences, panels and seminar series to inform a wider audience on gender related research that intersects with various disciplines and fosters debate on gender issues between scholars, students, civil society actors, artists and policy-makers.

Research at KOÇ-KAM is broadly concerned with patterns of cultural and social prejudice in genderbased inequalities.